Selling tickets for 1/29 show in NYC

Hey guys! I made a mistake with some dates and am now trying to sell the tickets I bought for me and 2 friends to the 1/29 show at the Beacon Theater in New York. Seats are 3 together, right orchestra, row BB (second row, I think). Cost me $271.80, so that's what I'm asking. If you want 1 or 2, let me know that too, though I really am hoping to get them all to be used. I can FedEx the tickets or meet up with you in New York anytime to exchange them in person. Let me know if you're interested! Thanks!
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Rare songs.

Hey. I was wondering if anyone can help me please? I am from the UK and I have lost all my rare songs from T&S as my old laptop has died and I didn't back it up. I have their released 5 albums as I have them on CD but I am really sad about the rare songs I can't get back particularly 'Love Type Thing' and 'Empty In Between'. I downloaded them like 7 years ago so I don't even know how to go about finding these now as I pay for music through itunes. Any help would be appreciated. Also any UKers have you found Closer anywhere to download? I have found 'LTT' through the Lword soundtrack but have to buy the whole album through itunes for £12 :(

Please help!
Thanks in advance.

Cambridge VIP

Hello Tegan and Sara fans! 

My friend managed to get VIP tickets for the Cambridge gig on the 7th and I am DYING to go. The only problem is that I live in Brighton and work til 3 with zero chance of leaving early. 

Does anyone know what time the meet and greet is? It would take me 2.5-3 hours to get there and if I'm going to miss it I'd rather know now so that I can stop vibrating with excitement! She ordered the tickets as 'will call' and isn't sure what the timings are right now.

Can anyone help? TIA! 
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Hey, just new to the community. LOVE Tegan and Sara and trying to make some friends. Feel free do add me. Thanks!
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Selling: Tegan Macbeths size 9 and other rare stuff

This Is Everything

Okay, so this might seem crazy ridiculous to all of you, but it's been plaguing me for a few years now. My absolute favorite TnS song is "This Is Everything." I own the album it first appeared on "Under Feet Like Ours." So, if you have that CD, you know the lyrics to all the songs on the CD are tucked away inside the jacket. It has the lyrics as "this is the last honest love i'll ever give." however, on ANY site ANYWHERE, the lyrics are listed as "last honest look i'll ever give." what gives? is there some story about them changing the lyrics to the song and i've missed it somewhere? this has seriously been driving me crazy.

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has either tegan or sara ever responded to ani comparisons (re: TBOA era)?? specifically, i'm interested if they've said anything later on, like, looking back on that time.
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Hi guys! My lovely sister said she would buy me a Tegan and Sara shirt for my birthday, and I've decided that I really like the 'Letters' ones. I'm just having trouble deciding between the tank top and the t-shirt. Also, w/r/t sizes, is it better to err on the small side with unisex sizes?